How to Stay Sane This Holiday Season

Christmas is coming and everybody wants a piece of you.

Christmas worship is supposed to be mind-blowing, but the in-laws are coming and the house needs to be clean. You’re family calendar lists 3 holiday parties, 4 kids Christmas programs and a reminder to refinance your student loans. Your niece is selling poinsettias, you’re drinking too much coffee, your “to-buy-for” list is up to 23 people, and now your car won’t start. Not to mention, your eating sugar for every meal.

A glass can only spill what it contains.

Here are a few boundaries to help preserve some sanity this holiday season:

At Work:

  1. Set yourself a cut-off time. Mine is 6pm. My family is not worth sacrificing for a perfect production. If it ain’t perfect, so be it. Release it and go home.
  2. Say No. Be realistic with your time. Know your capabilities and don’t take on what you can’t complete without sacrificing what’s more important. Trust me… it’ll be ok.
  3. Avoid negativity. This allows others to trust and respect you, and gives you the freedom to say no (see number 2).

At Home:

  1. Don’t check your work email. In fact, get off your phone period. Be present.
  2. Clearly communicate with your spouse. Cross-reference your calendars and be clear when work demands a little extra time.
  3. Avoid negativity. Your attitude towards work will be your spouse’s attitude toward the church. Bitterness is a choking vine. Your home is not the place to spew.

Within Yourself

  1. Eat healthy. The church is not powered by sugar or caffeine, but by “my spirit, says the Lord.” (Zechariah 4:6). However, some broccoli would go a long way.
  2. Be “clean”. Do the dishes. Straighten up your closet. Organize your desk(top). Delete all those unread and unimportant emails… All of this is medicine for the cluttered mind.  And take a shower, would you?
  3. Avoid negativity. Quit being so hard on yourself, eh? God loves you. You got this.

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