It is not necessary for you to be home during the time of install, provided there is access to powered outdoor outlets. Our lighting crew will test the lights after putting them up to be certain all connections are securely fit

All lights and decorations come with a warranty as long as Humble Christmas Lights is performing the installation and removal. The lights are tested at the time of install and quality of workmanship guaranteed. A picture is taken by the installation team and sent by text and email.

Of course we do. We provide the highest quality commercial lights and wire that will be custom tailored to your house. We’re so confident in our supplies that we offer a 5 year warranty on all the bulbs as long as they were purchased from us and we installed and removed them for you.

Please call or email our office to let us know about the issue you’re having and we will have someone out within the window 24-48 hours to repair the lights.  

 info@humblechristmaslights.com  346-461-4988

For the safety of our installers, we will not be able to do any installations if there is any rain, hail sleet, snow on the day of installation. We reserve the right to ask for a reschedule in order to keep everyone safe. We will reach out to you via email or text if there has to be  the rescheduled and usually will try to squeeze you in the next day.

We are able to now service HOAs and commercial clients by taking care of their holiday decorations for their HOA Entrances. Book an appointment for a free HOA Christmas light consultation.
Of course we reward referrals. We would love for you to refer us and we’ll happy to give you a $25 credit for every new customer. Plus your referral will also get a $25 credit. ***You will have to be a customer in order to earn credits** *
Our goal is to have all customer’s lights removed by January 31. An email will be sent notifying you of the approximate day we will be out to perform your removal. We run our crews by neighborhood to take down all the lights of our customers in the same neighborhood. ***If you would like to for your lights to be removed on the later side of January please notify us and we can accommodate. ****

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