4 Ways to Prevent Burnout Over Christmas

I want to try something on you. When you read the next sentence, I want you to try and identify the feeling that comes over you.

Christmas is only a few days away.

For some of you, it’s pure panic. You may not feel ready, or you don’t feel like you are prepared enough to take on all that’s about to come your way. That video isn’t finished. There aren’t enough volunteers. The music isn’t rehearsed. The program or slides aren’t designed yet. The list goes on and on. The mere thought of christmas is too much to handle.

For others, it caused a bit of relief because Christmas has become the light at the end of a tunnel. A tunnel that includes a long journey of preparation, perseverance and persistence of enduring the many hours of work/being at church. Regardless, it’s not the sugar plum fairies and silent nights that everyone else seems to talk about when it comes to this time of the year.

So with all the stress and burden that seems to come to those who serve behind the scenes at church, here are 4 ways to prevent total burnout this Christmas:

Vent outside the church.

It’s vital that you have someone who works outside your church organization that you can go to lunch with or grab coffee with in seasons like this. Not only will it provide a place to bounce ideas and hear what else God is doing in your community, but it will provide you a safe place to vent when frustration and pressure arise.
If you’re married, you’ll find that venting to your spouse only fans the flame of frustration, so this isn’t a safe place to vent either. As well, venting to family is tough because often you’ve already stolen hours from them to give to the church. It’s a bad situation.
Further, venting to your own pastor can be tough too (since they’re also likely a best friend, a spiritual advisor and boss). This trifecta of roles can cause for a perfect storm and only cause your situation to become worse. Find a great friend outside your organization but one who can empathize during this season.

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